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Bridgestone truck tires are designed with versatile capabilities to explore roads less traveled. Whether you're looking for an all-terrain tire or a light truck tire for your daily commute, Bridgestone has you covered.

Bridgestone Truck Tire Types

All-Season Truck Tire – Bridgestone’s all-season truck tires are designed to perform year-round, offering reliable all-season performance, long tread life, and a comfortable ride.

  • All-season performance with an attractive design
  • Engineered with an optimized contact footprint to deliver a quiet, comfortable ride year-round
  • Advanced tread polymer technology and a fuel-efficient tread compound provides impressive wear performance

All-Terrain Truck Tire – Bridgestone all-terrain truck tires are engineered to perform for your active lifestyle and adapt to any terrain with ease.

  • Staggered shoulder lugs for extra biting edges in soft, irregular surfaces
  • Groove stepping to enhance wear life and traction performance
  • Aggressive tread pattern with traction claws for additional grip in off-road and snow conditions

Commercial Truck Tires –We know the value of a dependable tire, so Bridgestone commercial truck tires are designed to perform when you’re on the job.

  • Impressive traction and long wear life with all-terrain performance
  • Designed for commercial all-terrain driving


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For any path you choose

Truck and SUV all-season tires designed to take on tough terrain with long-lasting treadwear.



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Truck Tires

  • Long tread life and a comfortable ride
  • Adapt to any terrain with ease
  • Impressive performance when you’re on the job

How Are Truck Tires Different From Other Tires?

Light truck tires are designed to withstand more wear and tear than passenger tires, thanks to features such as reinforced sidewalls and deep treads.

Truck tires are engineered to operate in rough conditions, carry heavy loads and even travel off-road, depending on the type. But they also can comfortably get you from Point A to Point B in everyday driving. Aside from pickup trucks, light truck tires may be installed on SUVs, crossovers or full-size vans.

Among other things, truck tires may be equipped with:

  • Extra casing ply. The tire casing is the body of the tire, featuring almost every component but the tread and the belt system. The ply can include polyester, nylon or rayon cords within the rubber compound to help strengthen the casing’s rubber. Some light truck tires intended for extreme off-road conditions or commercial service feature an extra layer or “ply” of body cords.
  • Extra belt. A tire’s belt system helps to both stabilize the tread and improve the tire’s resistance to damage from broken pavement. Some light truck tires intended for commercial service or severe off-road conditions feature an extra belt for added durability. 
  • Stronger belt steel cord. Belts are typically made of steel cord. Some truck tires come with belts made of steel cord that can stand up to rougher terrain and heavier loads.
  • Larger bead with more sidewall rubber. Tire bead bundles attach the tire to the wheel. The sidewall helps stabilize the tire, keeps air from escaping and shields the casing ply from damage. With a larger bead and more sidewall rubber, a truck tire can withstand more punishment than a passenger tire.

 Are Truck Tires and Passenger Tires Interchangeable?

Truck tires and passenger tires are not interchangeable because they serve different purposes.

Truck tires are built for hard work, like off-roading, towing and hauling. They’re made with materials that are stronger and more durable than materials used for passenger tires.

By contrast, passenger tires are made for less strenuous driving. The flexible construction of passenger tires is engineered for a smoother, quieter ride in vehicles like sedans and minivans or high-performance driving in sports cars and similar vehicles.

What Are Common Truck Tire Sizes?

While light truck tires may not be constructed like passenger tires, they are similar in size. Popular sizes for light truck tires include 16, 17, 18 and 20 inches.

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90 Day Buy and Try Log

90-Day Buy & Try Guarantee

If a retail customer is not completely satisfied withthe their eligible Bridgestone brand tires, the tires can be returned to the location where originally purchased within 90 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange*.

* Certain limitations and restrictions apply. See warranty for details.